Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Observation Log Blog

Coming directly from Unleashed2010. Its The Observation Logs.

#1 Observation log: Subject 1157: Phase 13b: Entry 27

The process is underway, subject presents sporadic signs of consciousness often followed by acute paroxysmal attacks caused by a sudden and short lived demyelination of nerves located in the cerebro-cerebellum. These episodes are observed externally as course trembling around the body, the source reason for these episodes is unclear. All skeletal and muscular structures are intact, no sign of allergic reaction and the nutrient supply is being effectively absorbed. We have begun mind scans to record the subject’s conscious experiences as a way ascertaining the cause of the disturbances. In the mean time until a satisfactory course of treatment can be readily decided, sedative techniques and counter memory insertion measures are being taken at any sign of ataxia here ensuring the subject doesn’t cause himself harm.

#2 Entry 32: The subject is experiencing a sympathetic echo effect as a result of memory-based non-psychotic hallucinations. These hallucinations are inducing psycho-physical reactions beyond the capacity of his current state. In other words, 1157 is experiencing memories as if he were physically present and had his full faculties and talents. The resulting trauma is inducing shock, and causing convulsions. the subject's midi-chlorian levels remain reasonably high; he can endure extreme disturbance without skeletal harm or muscular atrophy. Though he does not have control over midi-chlorian organization, restraint programming, trigger-based sedation techniques and continuing counter-insertion methods seem a necessary precaution.

#3 (Entry 42: The unceasing storms have affected the power grid, creating an unsatisfactory level of sustainability for the equipment we've been using. Some process details have been lost. The droids must complete many tests manually. This is resulting in a level of inconsistency in treatment. It is unclear how this has affected the subject. Electrostatic resistant equipment has been ordered.

#4 Observation log: Subject 1157: Phase 16d: Entry 4

Unlike previous subjects 1157:s capacity is not impaired to the state of the process. He has virtually ceased experiencing any physical side-effects. This is a new and exciting development. Vital signs point to complete motor functions, including high oxygen saturation. He is now able to counter any internal stress source from either genetic impulses or imprints, and we will begin the next phase of rapid acceleration.

#5 Entry 12:
As his capacity increases and the process continues, 1157:s hallucinations have become more focused and calm. In fact there are points of consciousness where the hallucination cease entirely, and he is aware of his presence in the tank. While there has been no need for concern we continue mild restraint and sedation procedures as a precautionary tactic.

#6 Entry 21:
In reaction to 1157's increased capacity, the adjoining training facility has been updated to accommodate him once he has fully accepted his imprint. This includes an isolation chamber and several more PROXY droids. The facility itself has also been reinforced, as to render it impenetrable in case of possible flight reaction.

#7 Entry 25:
With recent developments in 1157's stability, I have received word that Lord Vader will be inspecting the facility tomorrow. I am honored to offer this scientific success to the cause. I foresee our learning from this subject translating into an era of refinement and advancement for the process.

#8 Entry 33:
When not sedated, 1157's capacity has reached beyond the tank, allowing him to manipulate and attack the droids. due to restraint procedures, 1157 cannot breach the integrity of the tank, nor can he hurt himself.

#9 Observation log: subject 1157, phase 22-A, entry 29:
Observation of recent hallucinations reveals unacceptable anxiety levels brought on by genetic memories of a particular...woman. No amount of imprinting can change his behavior. If this imprint axis fails, a revised external desensitization training
will need to be enacted.

#10 Entry 125:
Due to the recent breakout security measures within the facility have been tightened, arbitrary restraint procedures for 1157 have become systematic. This breach will not affect the process but may add to the subjects anxiety.

#11 This one requires a Password: Juno
Entry 65:
1157 has grown exceedingly agitated. It seems the sympathetic effective genetic memories may end in admiration. I have begun experimenting with new sedation techniques in search of something to change 1157's mood and thus hinder admiration, while all methods seem to weaken him physically none have changed his temperament the slightest.

#12 Observation log: Subject 1157 phase 37B, entry 1.
Subject behavior is almost uncontrollable. Constant droid attention is necessary to keep from full breach! With the subject's new capacity, sedation has almost no physical effect! I am concerned and unsure how to proceed...

#13 Entry 77. An evacuation order has been given to all nonessential personnel in response to the return of subject 1138. We are so close to success... I will do what is necessary to make 1157 fully accept the imprint.

#14 Entry 78. By Lord Vader's orders, we are abandoning all non-viable subjects. We will have to release 1157 into the training facility to see if the imprint finally holds.......I can only hope that in these final minutes, my life's work is not in vain.

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