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LucasArts licenses Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games‎


Hey TFU II Fans, here is some awesome news that needs to be shared! LucasArts, the development studio behind Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series and Monkey Island has purchased a long-term license of the Unreal Engine 3.The license is studio-wide, and would be utilized across all platforms of gaming, including PC, console and mobile devices. Acquiring the Unreal Engine 3 is significant in that it would allow LucasArts to place more resources on game development and creativity. Previous projects were development only after the difficult task of creating an internal engine.
Speaking on the Unreal Engine, LucasArts’ director of technology Zak Phelps stated that
“(Unreal Engine is) a forward-looking solution that shortens the path between inspiration and execution on a wide variety of gaming platforms.”
By putting more focus on the game development process, hopefully we can see some of their most popular franchises taken to the next level. Could you imagine the next Force Unleashed on Unreal Engine 3?  (Epic's recent tech demo.)

 Previously, LucasArts licensed Unreal Engine 2 for 2005's Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Coincidentally Tim Longo has accept the mantle of creative director at LucasArts on an unannounced project. During his previous stint with the LucasArts he served as first lead designer and then director on Star Wars: Republic Commando. Longo revealed the move in a twitter post earlier this month.

Could this news of Unreal Engine 3 & Tim Longo's return to LucasArts mean a Republic Commando sequel, perhaps set during the original trilogy? Maybe even Battlefront 3? We can only hope for the best!

Sources: Shack News & Develop Online

Friday, January 14, 2011

5 Ways To Get More Bang For Your Buck!


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II has been released for nearly three months and it has sold over 2 million units. The game has received some bad rep due to the shortness of the story and game play. While the game itself is not bad, the overall lack of luster has disappointed fans across the globe. However, you can still enjoy this wonderful game. Here are five ways to get more bang out of the game for your buck.

#5. Play the game using different costumes. If you play your cards right, you can have over 20 awesome costumes to choose from. The game has a standard set of costumes you use during the campaign with several more unlocked as you find holocrons and complete challenges. If you have a saved game located on your Xbox from the first Force Unleashed game, you will have an additional five costumes at your disposal. Just a few weeks ago Lucas Arts released a costume pack for only $1 for the PS3 and Xbox360. Who hasn't dreamed of fighting Darth Vader with Darth Malik? It is highly recommended that you purchase the costume DLC.

#4. Complete the challenge maps. Most people who complete the campaign never think of playing the challenge rooms. While they are harder than the actual game, they are extremely well done and nearly impossible for the casual gamer. If you think you got game, try getting platinum medals for every single room. You will be considered a master if you can get a gold medal on half of them. A couple of the challenges are broken, but the glitches are easy to overcome. Not to mention by completing challenges you gain exp, unlock costumes, lightsaber crystals and even bonus cutscenes that shed some light of the truth of the evil starkiller clone.

#3. Battle of Endor. If you felt the game was too short, then the Battle of Endor DLC is perfect for you. Set during the events of Episode 6, the DLC continues the story of the first game DLC. However, its based from the 2nd game. While Obi-wan, Boba & Luke are dead, Vader is alive and well and the darkside clone is ready to finish off the rest of the rebels. The DLC will last between one & two hours and if three bonus costumes if you find the holocrons. If you are unsure about purchasing the DLC read the review here.

#2. Complete the game 100%. The best way to enjoy a game is to do everything you can possible do. From killing every last stormtrooper to finding all the holocrons, completing the game will take lots of time and skill. Can you unlock every bonus cut scene? Have you found all the lightsaber crystals? How about finding all the easter eggs? If you are an achievement hunter, or a trophy collector this is a great game for you. Most of the achievements and trophies are easy, but the big ones are worth the challenge. If you want to show off your mad skills, try getting in the top 1000 in each of the challenge room leaderboards. If you think you are better than that, try top 500 or even the top 100.

Finally the best way to enjoy The Force Unleashed II is to:

#1. Play the Game More Than Once. If you truly want to enjoy TFU II, don't buy the game just to sit in front of your TV playing on easy mode, spamming your way through each level, only to complete the game in one sitting. If you complain about how the game was too short and a rip off, that is completely your fault! Yes the game should be longer, with more levels and advanced gameplay, but sitting around playing for 5 hours trying to play as fast as you can is pointless. Slow down, take your time, and enjoy the game for what it is. Play the game again on a harder difficulty without using the same move over and over again. Try to change things up, try the harder combo's and grappels. Do not use the same force power twice in a row. There are four difficulty levels and the hardest one is unlocked after you complete the game. Play the game four times on each difficulty and sit back and relax. While TFU II is a broken game and a shadow of its former self, it still has some use for you to utilize. When you try to enjoy the game instead of bashing it for all its imperfections and glitches, you may learn that it is indeed a good game. Short but sweet.


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Robot Chicken Star Wars III: The Force Unleashed II Tv Spot

Yesterday Robot Chicken showed their third Star Wars parody episode. They had a nice funny TV spot for the Force Unleashed II!
The Video has been pulled due to legal reasons. However the video is still avalible on


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TFU II Battle of Endor DLC Review *Spoilers*

The first batch of DLC for the Force Unleashed II was made available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 yesterday for the low price of $1! The story continues the line of previous darkside DLC from the first game. However, this time around you are using the darkside clone that killed Starkiller. The events of the first games DLC still happened Obiwan has been destroyed & Luke has fallen on Hoth. Unlike the first games DLC, Vader is still alive and the new Clone Starkiller is fit as a fiddle. No need for robotic parts.

Story 9.5/10 *Spoilers*
Lord Vader dispatches you once again to destroy the rebels. Arriving on the moon of Endor Starkiller makes his way to the shield generator punting, shocking, and obliterating as many Ewoks as he pleases.
 There is a nice reward for punting Ewoks, so have fun! After you reach the bunker, two very iconic characters are waiting for you. Genral Han Solo & his Wookie companion Chewie. The smuggeling duo is no match for the power of the dark side. Brutally dispatching of the lovable heroes. Making his way inside the bunker, the clone destroys all forms of live, imperials and rebels alike. As he reaches the core, he comes across a lone figure. The last of the Skywalkers & Jedi Knight, Princess Leia. Branding a yellow lightsaber and the power of the Force, the princess puts up a honorable fight, but the day is won by the Empire...or so it seems. With an exciting cliffhanger ending, we all can anticipate more DLC to come soon.

Gameplay 8.5/10
The overall gameplay is predominately the same as the game, with some minor patches. The DLC is basically glitch free, and a couple of minor moments of lag wont ruin the experience. The environment is more destructable. You can cut down some tree's, and destroy computer panels and structures. Sadly the use of Havok and DMM is not nearly as strong as the first game. There are a few holocrons that are hidden around the level. If you dont pay attention you will miss all of them, they are hidden well. Each holocron unlocks a bonus costume of the rebel troopers you fight. The level design is basic, but the folks over at Lucas Arts Singapore make an attempt to make it look like the movie; even tho they could have done a better job. The light saber duel with Leia is amazing. The speed and agility they two combatants have is epic. The way they block and counter strikes and attacks make the saber fights in original trilogy look like children playing with sticks. The quick time events are satisfying and properly choreographed. Like the full game, the DLC only gets repetive if you let it. Mix up you moves and combonations. Don't use the same force power twice in a row and you wont get tired of the same old same old.

Overall 9/10
Lasting between 30 mins on Easy mode and up to 2 hours on Unleashed, the Battle for Endor is a nice addition to a nice game, if you still kept the game that is. With new achievements and trophies those who seek to increase their gamerscore or collection of trophies will be happy. If you worried about the cost, dont be it will only cost you 80 microsoft points for Xbox 360 and $0.99 for Playstation 3. The DLC for the first game cost 10 times that amount! Also a new character costume pack is also ready to be downloaded for the same price. The Battle for Endor is very enjoyable and exciting. You will want to play it over and over again. There is nothing better than chopping down ewoks with Admerial Ackbar, or playing the original game as Darth Malik! Some may say this cheap costing  DLC is an apology for the full game that many people disliked due a short and shoddy experience. Even if it is, its a step in the right direction for Lucas Arts. We cannot wait for the next batch of DLC or maybe even The Force Unleashed III


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Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Endor DLC Trailer



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More Goodies Coming Dec 9th

 Just in time for the holidays! New Avatar Items! Who wouldn't want a little ewok as a pet?

On December 9th, XBLA fans can adorn their avatar with new outfits, and even an Ewok Pet!
Playstation Home users will get their own PSHome-Styled Avatar items as well!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Endor DLC Dated!

According to the official facebook page, the Endor DLC will be arriving to download for $1 in one week. December 14th for PS3 & Xbox 360.
Fry them sucka's


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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II :30s Accolades


While the game looked great, the reviews were not...

Thursday, November 25, 2010




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TFU II Endor DLC Info (With Screenshots)

From Unleashed2010
 Continue the adventures of Starkiller on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as he heads to the forest moon Endor to strike a blow to the Rebellion.
Following the Dark Side ending of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Starkiller returns with his over-the-top Force powers and embarks on a mission ordered by Lord Vader. The Rebellion has arrived on Endor, and the Empire needs the remaining members eliminated. As the Evil Apprentice, players will make their way to the shield generator by taking on Rebels, Ewoks, and Stormtroopers who fight without knowing the powerful Force-wielder is coming to destroy the last remnants of the Empire's greatest enemy.

The long-time Star Wars gamer will not want to be without the historical and legendary characters included in the new Character Pack for The Force Unleashed II. You might recognize a few of our friends in the screenshots you see – but none are greater warriors than one of them. You know his name – he defeated armies, and those of the Dark Side trembled when his name was spoken.

Admiral Ackbar.
          You also get:
•Darth Malak

•Luke in Training – with yoda on his back

•Clone Wars Obi-Wan

•Lando Calrissian in Skiff guard Disguise

•Han Solo

•Starkiller in Blood Armor

•Starkiller in Neimoidian Shadow Outfit

•Starkiller in Jedi Protector Outfit

•Starkiller in Dark Lord Armor

(From Left to Right) Admiral Ackbar, Darth Malak, Sith Stalker (From Hoth DLC of the first game), Dagobah Luke (featuring Yoda), & Han solo. 

And we thought Jar Jar with lightsabers would be crazy!

The Sith Legend has returned!

Its Lando!!!

Just can't kill enough of these things!

I wonder if Chewie is inside...

Now I am the Master!

At least its better than getting killed by care bears...

Rebel Scum


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Endor DLC Announced

Shortly after the games released, pc gamers hacked their way into discovering some hidden content. Lucas Arts has told IGN all about it.

Starkiller returns in the first piece of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 DLC, and IGN has the exclusive announcement and first screenshots. To get the details on this latest addition, we sent over a few questions to LucasArts. They were answered by Gio Corsi, an Executive Producer at LucasArts Singapore.

IGN:The DLC takes place on Endor. Does this mean it is during Return of the Jedi? Will we be killing Ewoks?

Gio Corsi: It does indeed take place on the forest moon of Endor during the time of Return of the Jedi. However, we like to call this an "infinite storyline", much like the Hoth Bonus Mission from the first Force Unleashed game that gave us an alternate take on that iconic battle from the Empire Strikes Back. As Gamers and fans of the Star Wars universe, the infinite storyline allows us a "what if" moment that scratches an itch by rolling the dice with established Star Wars characters or scenarios. It's a pretty sweet opportunity. And yes, there will be battles with Ewoks!

IGN: Is this the first of many add-ons players can expect for TFU2? Where else might we be going as the evil Starkiller?

Gio Corsi: Who knows where the infinite storyline can take Starkiller, there are so many possibilities but right now we are focusing on the Endor Bonus Mission.

IGN: Will the DLC add new achievements and trophies?

Even in death they're so damn cute.Gio Corsi: Absolutely, there are a number of new achievements and trophies. One of the team's favorite is the "Sith Kicker Achievement" but I'll let you figure that one out for yourselves.

IGN: About how long can people expect the DLC to take them to play through? Also, do we get to use our leveled up character from the campaign?

Gio Corsi: The Endor Bonus Mission is comparable in length to the add-ons from the first game. As for the character itself, we leveled Starkiller differently for the DLC since this adventure falls into the "infinite universe." He does have the same abilities as he did in TFU2 which allows Starkiller to start kicking ass right from the get go.

IGN: Why does the DLC always assume players picked the Dark Side ending? Does this mean the light side ending to TFU2 is considered canon?

LucasArts: To be honest, we just thought it was a really cool avenue to explore. Take this bad ass Jedi, make him a true Sith and throw him into an established adventure and watch the sparks fly. It's going to be epic!

Along with the information on Starkiller's Endor adventure, which will be released later this year, we already received word about an upcoming character skin pack that will cost one dollar.

 Kudos to Lucas Arts forum member Rich1985  for finding this info!


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The Force Unleashed 2 Review *Minor Spoilers*

The Force Unleashed 2 has been released to the world and it seems to have stirred up a lot of controversy. While there are mixed opinions about the game, one question remains...Is Starkiller a Clone or Not? It seems its up to you to decide.
*Minor Spoiler* Opening Crawl

"The galaxy is on the brink
of civil war. Inspired by the
sacrifice of DARTH VADER's
secret apprentice, a ragtag
rebel alliance plots to overthrow

Imperial forces in relentless
pursuit of the Rebels have
captured the Jedi Knight
RAHM KOTA. Its general lost,
the Alliance fleet has vanished.

While the Empire searches for
the Rebels, Darth Vader
has put a dark plan in motion
that will bring an end to
his apprentice's legacy...."

 Story 7/10
The Force Unleashed 2 begins with Vader arriving on the planet Kamino. He has been very busy, trying to perfect a clone of Galen Marek (aka Starkiller who died at the conclusion of the first game). In this game, you play as a "Imperfect Clone" who escapes from Vader on a wild goose chase to find Juno Eclispe. There are four chapters of the game broken down into nine levels. They stream together in a vibrant fashion and provides a very short and rushed story. The first game spanned over a few months, in the sequel everything could have transpired in 2 weeks. Lacking proper introduction and having no fleshed out details, to the many fans the story will be a disappointment. The ending however is different, containing a well thought out exciting cliff hanger which will leave true fans screaming for a third game. (While the fanboys will disagree, the ending is indeed amazing)  Having read the script the plot for this game looks and sounds great on paper. However, it isn't as compelling and immersible as the first game, which won the Writers Guild Award. The game is presented like a movie. The excellent voice acting and extraordinary cinematic make it worth while. If you treat it as a continuation of the first game, instead of a stand alone title, you may enjoy it more.

Gameplay 8/10
Lucas Arts has fixed most major issues in this sequel. The camera is less problematic, there are hardly any loading times, lightsabers dismember and decapitate, and contains less glitches and bugs. With an abundance of lightsaber combos, impressive visuals and epic boss battles, The Force Unleashed II delivers in this department. If you don't blow through the game on easy mode, it will last you between 6-10 hours. However the game is still short compared to others. The challenge maps (and possibly DLC in the future) add some sense of replay value. If you take the time to collect  all the holocrons, read the data-bank entries, win every platinum medals in the challenge mode, and score every Achievement or win the Trophies you will have made the game worth your money. Otherwise you will feel ripped off due to the short story.
While there are only three somewhat repetitive boss battles, the intense graphics and epic finishes make them all the better. Except the Titan/Terror Walker which was a disappointment. In the E3 Trailer Starkiller stops the driod's laser with his bare hands, zaps it with Sith Lightning, cuts off its legs, stabs it several times before splittting the giant droid in two. In the actual game, the Droid has shields, which require you to lift four pylons to make a distrupter to bring down the shields in order to hurt the Titan. Afterwards you have to replace the batteries to turn the disrupter back on, all while fighting several annoying enemies.

Verdict. 7.5/10 Rent if you are undecisive, buy if you are a loyal fan.
 While this may be a generous score, the game does deliver! The only main problem is the short rushed story and irrelevent cameos. After playing the game  you will have the feeling that Lucas Arts only finished half of what they set out to accomplish. There were several gameplay elements that were either removed or unused that could have made a difference. Force Fury and Mind Trick took a back seat while the powers from the original game stole the glory. Yoda and Boba should have remained secret cameos. Juno and Starkiller are hardly together, which was the goal of the game. General Kota's voice gets annoying and overdramatic later in the game and Proxy needs a make over. Overall Star Wars The Force Unleashed II improved upon the first game but didnt live up to all the expectations. Every Star Wars fan needs to play the game at least once. While the plot is skimpy, it does indeed gives a new perspective to Episodes IV-VI. Lucas Arts managed to make Vader the ultimate villian like he was in Empire Strikes Back, his character was spot on! In fact, Haden Blackman( who conveniently left to start his own buisness a few months ago) was correct when he compared TFU II to ESB. It makes you feel a little uneasy and not sure what just happened, but in a good way. Vader had more control and did how he pleased, Boba Fett does his bounty hunting, the protaginist goes to Dagobah to meet with Yoda, and they both have a cliff hanger ending with an important figure being captured.....*Spoiler* The Force Unleashed 2 is a solid game, it's not the greatest, but still very enjoyable .

Let's just hope Lucas Arts continues to listen to the fans (a little more this time) and make The Force Unleashed III....pray they don't treat the third game like Return of the Jedi and have Ewoks ruining everything. Or that could just be DLC...(Rumor)

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The Force Unleashed II Facebook Application

"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Facebook Application – Escape from Kamino

Lucas Arts and Activision are proud to announce the launch of the official Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Facebook application. This new retro styled game called “Escape from Kamino” follows the opening sequence that many TFU fans have played already in the TFU2 demo, at the same time tapping into the viral nature of Facebook by allowing you to challenge your friends and other players internationally.

Within the game you can choose to play as lead character Starkiller and attempt to escape the clutches of the Evil Empire, or become Boba Fett and hunt for the cloned Jedi knight.

This 16 bit stylised game takes the retro feel of classic games gone by, and successfully recreates that Star Wars feel that many know and love. Even the application sound track is reminiscent of the Super Star Wars series.

Star Wars fans, casual and hardcore gamers alike are sure to become addicted to this fast paced action runner."
The Facebook game Escape from Kamino forms part of the marketing campaign for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II which is has been released in all parts of the world!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Force Unleashed 2 Has been Unleashed!

The wait is over! The Force Unleashed 2 is in stores now!!!

Is it a Flop or Not? Wait and see in the reveiw coming by the end of the week!


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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II WebDoc: Platforms