Friday, April 29, 2011

LucasArts licenses Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games‎


Hey TFU II Fans, here is some awesome news that needs to be shared! LucasArts, the development studio behind Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series and Monkey Island has purchased a long-term license of the Unreal Engine 3.The license is studio-wide, and would be utilized across all platforms of gaming, including PC, console and mobile devices. Acquiring the Unreal Engine 3 is significant in that it would allow LucasArts to place more resources on game development and creativity. Previous projects were development only after the difficult task of creating an internal engine.
Speaking on the Unreal Engine, LucasArts’ director of technology Zak Phelps stated that
“(Unreal Engine is) a forward-looking solution that shortens the path between inspiration and execution on a wide variety of gaming platforms.”
By putting more focus on the game development process, hopefully we can see some of their most popular franchises taken to the next level. Could you imagine the next Force Unleashed on Unreal Engine 3?  (Epic's recent tech demo.)

 Previously, LucasArts licensed Unreal Engine 2 for 2005's Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Coincidentally Tim Longo has accept the mantle of creative director at LucasArts on an unannounced project. During his previous stint with the LucasArts he served as first lead designer and then director on Star Wars: Republic Commando. Longo revealed the move in a twitter post earlier this month.

Could this news of Unreal Engine 3 & Tim Longo's return to LucasArts mean a Republic Commando sequel, perhaps set during the original trilogy? Maybe even Battlefront 3? We can only hope for the best!

Sources: Shack News & Develop Online

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