Friday, January 14, 2011

5 Ways To Get More Bang For Your Buck!


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II has been released for nearly three months and it has sold over 2 million units. The game has received some bad rep due to the shortness of the story and game play. While the game itself is not bad, the overall lack of luster has disappointed fans across the globe. However, you can still enjoy this wonderful game. Here are five ways to get more bang out of the game for your buck.

#5. Play the game using different costumes. If you play your cards right, you can have over 20 awesome costumes to choose from. The game has a standard set of costumes you use during the campaign with several more unlocked as you find holocrons and complete challenges. If you have a saved game located on your Xbox from the first Force Unleashed game, you will have an additional five costumes at your disposal. Just a few weeks ago Lucas Arts released a costume pack for only $1 for the PS3 and Xbox360. Who hasn't dreamed of fighting Darth Vader with Darth Malik? It is highly recommended that you purchase the costume DLC.

#4. Complete the challenge maps. Most people who complete the campaign never think of playing the challenge rooms. While they are harder than the actual game, they are extremely well done and nearly impossible for the casual gamer. If you think you got game, try getting platinum medals for every single room. You will be considered a master if you can get a gold medal on half of them. A couple of the challenges are broken, but the glitches are easy to overcome. Not to mention by completing challenges you gain exp, unlock costumes, lightsaber crystals and even bonus cutscenes that shed some light of the truth of the evil starkiller clone.

#3. Battle of Endor. If you felt the game was too short, then the Battle of Endor DLC is perfect for you. Set during the events of Episode 6, the DLC continues the story of the first game DLC. However, its based from the 2nd game. While Obi-wan, Boba & Luke are dead, Vader is alive and well and the darkside clone is ready to finish off the rest of the rebels. The DLC will last between one & two hours and if three bonus costumes if you find the holocrons. If you are unsure about purchasing the DLC read the review here.

#2. Complete the game 100%. The best way to enjoy a game is to do everything you can possible do. From killing every last stormtrooper to finding all the holocrons, completing the game will take lots of time and skill. Can you unlock every bonus cut scene? Have you found all the lightsaber crystals? How about finding all the easter eggs? If you are an achievement hunter, or a trophy collector this is a great game for you. Most of the achievements and trophies are easy, but the big ones are worth the challenge. If you want to show off your mad skills, try getting in the top 1000 in each of the challenge room leaderboards. If you think you are better than that, try top 500 or even the top 100.

Finally the best way to enjoy The Force Unleashed II is to:

#1. Play the Game More Than Once. If you truly want to enjoy TFU II, don't buy the game just to sit in front of your TV playing on easy mode, spamming your way through each level, only to complete the game in one sitting. If you complain about how the game was too short and a rip off, that is completely your fault! Yes the game should be longer, with more levels and advanced gameplay, but sitting around playing for 5 hours trying to play as fast as you can is pointless. Slow down, take your time, and enjoy the game for what it is. Play the game again on a harder difficulty without using the same move over and over again. Try to change things up, try the harder combo's and grappels. Do not use the same force power twice in a row. There are four difficulty levels and the hardest one is unlocked after you complete the game. Play the game four times on each difficulty and sit back and relax. While TFU II is a broken game and a shadow of its former self, it still has some use for you to utilize. When you try to enjoy the game instead of bashing it for all its imperfections and glitches, you may learn that it is indeed a good game. Short but sweet.



  1. I already have all the Gold Medals, and 4 or 5 Platinum ones. Going for the rest!!!