Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TFU II Battle of Endor DLC Review *Spoilers*

The first batch of DLC for the Force Unleashed II was made available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 yesterday for the low price of $1! The story continues the line of previous darkside DLC from the first game. However, this time around you are using the darkside clone that killed Starkiller. The events of the first games DLC still happened Obiwan has been destroyed & Luke has fallen on Hoth. Unlike the first games DLC, Vader is still alive and the new Clone Starkiller is fit as a fiddle. No need for robotic parts.

Story 9.5/10 *Spoilers*
Lord Vader dispatches you once again to destroy the rebels. Arriving on the moon of Endor Starkiller makes his way to the shield generator punting, shocking, and obliterating as many Ewoks as he pleases.
 There is a nice reward for punting Ewoks, so have fun! After you reach the bunker, two very iconic characters are waiting for you. Genral Han Solo & his Wookie companion Chewie. The smuggeling duo is no match for the power of the dark side. Brutally dispatching of the lovable heroes. Making his way inside the bunker, the clone destroys all forms of live, imperials and rebels alike. As he reaches the core, he comes across a lone figure. The last of the Skywalkers & Jedi Knight, Princess Leia. Branding a yellow lightsaber and the power of the Force, the princess puts up a honorable fight, but the day is won by the Empire...or so it seems. With an exciting cliffhanger ending, we all can anticipate more DLC to come soon.

Gameplay 8.5/10
The overall gameplay is predominately the same as the game, with some minor patches. The DLC is basically glitch free, and a couple of minor moments of lag wont ruin the experience. The environment is more destructable. You can cut down some tree's, and destroy computer panels and structures. Sadly the use of Havok and DMM is not nearly as strong as the first game. There are a few holocrons that are hidden around the level. If you dont pay attention you will miss all of them, they are hidden well. Each holocron unlocks a bonus costume of the rebel troopers you fight. The level design is basic, but the folks over at Lucas Arts Singapore make an attempt to make it look like the movie; even tho they could have done a better job. The light saber duel with Leia is amazing. The speed and agility they two combatants have is epic. The way they block and counter strikes and attacks make the saber fights in original trilogy look like children playing with sticks. The quick time events are satisfying and properly choreographed. Like the full game, the DLC only gets repetive if you let it. Mix up you moves and combonations. Don't use the same force power twice in a row and you wont get tired of the same old same old.

Overall 9/10
Lasting between 30 mins on Easy mode and up to 2 hours on Unleashed, the Battle for Endor is a nice addition to a nice game, if you still kept the game that is. With new achievements and trophies those who seek to increase their gamerscore or collection of trophies will be happy. If you worried about the cost, dont be it will only cost you 80 microsoft points for Xbox 360 and $0.99 for Playstation 3. The DLC for the first game cost 10 times that amount! Also a new character costume pack is also ready to be downloaded for the same price. The Battle for Endor is very enjoyable and exciting. You will want to play it over and over again. There is nothing better than chopping down ewoks with Admerial Ackbar, or playing the original game as Darth Malik! Some may say this cheap costing  DLC is an apology for the full game that many people disliked due a short and shoddy experience. Even if it is, its a step in the right direction for Lucas Arts. We cannot wait for the next batch of DLC or maybe even The Force Unleashed III



  1. Although the last fight with Leia was rather fun, I don't quite agree on the overall package. The boss battle with chewie and han solo is stupidly dumb.

    I am playing the PS3 version and the graphics was glitchy, with screen tearing all over the place and lag when the body count is high.

    Still, this is one cheap DLC and at least it provides some replay value to the stupidly crapped up main disc game. But all in all, still does not change my view that FUII is a bad game.


  2. You can't take anyone, who says "stupidly dumb" or "stupidly crapped up", seriously.

  3. I do agree with Nat that Force unleashed 2 was a major let down, more so on the PS3.

    The DLC was interesting, but the graphical glitches really brings the score down.

  4. The xbox DLC wasn't glitching in the slightest. Is there going to be another DLC though?

  5. how do i buy this game i am prob asking a stuped question but i reilly want this

  6. Where's the PC DLC?

  7. really want to know how to get the dlc for pc, anyone?

  8. well no dlc in croatia dammmm

  9. Well sucks to be in croatia :p