Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Force Unleashed 2 Review *Minor Spoilers*

The Force Unleashed 2 has been released to the world and it seems to have stirred up a lot of controversy. While there are mixed opinions about the game, one question remains...Is Starkiller a Clone or Not? It seems its up to you to decide.
*Minor Spoiler* Opening Crawl

"The galaxy is on the brink
of civil war. Inspired by the
sacrifice of DARTH VADER's
secret apprentice, a ragtag
rebel alliance plots to overthrow

Imperial forces in relentless
pursuit of the Rebels have
captured the Jedi Knight
RAHM KOTA. Its general lost,
the Alliance fleet has vanished.

While the Empire searches for
the Rebels, Darth Vader
has put a dark plan in motion
that will bring an end to
his apprentice's legacy...."

 Story 7/10
The Force Unleashed 2 begins with Vader arriving on the planet Kamino. He has been very busy, trying to perfect a clone of Galen Marek (aka Starkiller who died at the conclusion of the first game). In this game, you play as a "Imperfect Clone" who escapes from Vader on a wild goose chase to find Juno Eclispe. There are four chapters of the game broken down into nine levels. They stream together in a vibrant fashion and provides a very short and rushed story. The first game spanned over a few months, in the sequel everything could have transpired in 2 weeks. Lacking proper introduction and having no fleshed out details, to the many fans the story will be a disappointment. The ending however is different, containing a well thought out exciting cliff hanger which will leave true fans screaming for a third game. (While the fanboys will disagree, the ending is indeed amazing)  Having read the script the plot for this game looks and sounds great on paper. However, it isn't as compelling and immersible as the first game, which won the Writers Guild Award. The game is presented like a movie. The excellent voice acting and extraordinary cinematic make it worth while. If you treat it as a continuation of the first game, instead of a stand alone title, you may enjoy it more.

Gameplay 8/10
Lucas Arts has fixed most major issues in this sequel. The camera is less problematic, there are hardly any loading times, lightsabers dismember and decapitate, and contains less glitches and bugs. With an abundance of lightsaber combos, impressive visuals and epic boss battles, The Force Unleashed II delivers in this department. If you don't blow through the game on easy mode, it will last you between 6-10 hours. However the game is still short compared to others. The challenge maps (and possibly DLC in the future) add some sense of replay value. If you take the time to collect  all the holocrons, read the data-bank entries, win every platinum medals in the challenge mode, and score every Achievement or win the Trophies you will have made the game worth your money. Otherwise you will feel ripped off due to the short story.
While there are only three somewhat repetitive boss battles, the intense graphics and epic finishes make them all the better. Except the Titan/Terror Walker which was a disappointment. In the E3 Trailer Starkiller stops the driod's laser with his bare hands, zaps it with Sith Lightning, cuts off its legs, stabs it several times before splittting the giant droid in two. In the actual game, the Droid has shields, which require you to lift four pylons to make a distrupter to bring down the shields in order to hurt the Titan. Afterwards you have to replace the batteries to turn the disrupter back on, all while fighting several annoying enemies.

Verdict. 7.5/10 Rent if you are undecisive, buy if you are a loyal fan.
 While this may be a generous score, the game does deliver! The only main problem is the short rushed story and irrelevent cameos. After playing the game  you will have the feeling that Lucas Arts only finished half of what they set out to accomplish. There were several gameplay elements that were either removed or unused that could have made a difference. Force Fury and Mind Trick took a back seat while the powers from the original game stole the glory. Yoda and Boba should have remained secret cameos. Juno and Starkiller are hardly together, which was the goal of the game. General Kota's voice gets annoying and overdramatic later in the game and Proxy needs a make over. Overall Star Wars The Force Unleashed II improved upon the first game but didnt live up to all the expectations. Every Star Wars fan needs to play the game at least once. While the plot is skimpy, it does indeed gives a new perspective to Episodes IV-VI. Lucas Arts managed to make Vader the ultimate villian like he was in Empire Strikes Back, his character was spot on! In fact, Haden Blackman( who conveniently left to start his own buisness a few months ago) was correct when he compared TFU II to ESB. It makes you feel a little uneasy and not sure what just happened, but in a good way. Vader had more control and did how he pleased, Boba Fett does his bounty hunting, the protaginist goes to Dagobah to meet with Yoda, and they both have a cliff hanger ending with an important figure being captured.....*Spoiler* The Force Unleashed 2 is a solid game, it's not the greatest, but still very enjoyable .

Let's just hope Lucas Arts continues to listen to the fans (a little more this time) and make The Force Unleashed III....pray they don't treat the third game like Return of the Jedi and have Ewoks ruining everything. Or that could just be DLC...(Rumor)


  1. We are interested on how you liked TFU II?
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    This isnt the time to bash Lucas Arts or complain about the game. If you have a legitiment reason to dislike the game, besides the short story, please say so without:
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  2. Best and truthfully review i have read so far !

  3. "With an abundance of lightsaber combos," Seriously? Theres a total of THREE lightsaber combos in the game. Mash X and slash away or mash x and finish with lightning or force push. This game is insanely repetitive, wave after wave of the same enemies, the same mini-bosses, the same QTE finishing moves and 2 different planets to play on. The boss battles are the only truly impressive thing about this game but even those just tend to run on longer then they should. Once you figure out what to do against a boss it's "Ok repeat this 10 more times and you win". I'm glad I only rented it because I'd be pissed to waste money on this.

  4. Great review.

    I agree with you that there's a lot of combos in this game, you can chain a couple of hits, then grab the stormtrooper, then use force grab, impale and throw him to other enemies. That's just one example.
    The story was a bit short, but i liked it. It wasn't like the first one, but it is still a good story.
    The Bosses looked nice but the fights were a bit disapointing...
    I wish that they will release Force Unleashed 3, but I've heard that it was canceled already :'(

  5. I just finished TFU and am downloading TFU2. I was blown away by the story of TFU, and this review really helps to keep expectations on TFU2 low. So I am tentatively optimistic that I still will enjoy it. They should definitely make a third part; after all, I am still waiting for a ghost-Starkiller (like Obi-Wan) in a third part!