Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Force Unleashed 2 Has been Unleashed!

The wait is over! The Force Unleashed 2 is in stores now!!!

Is it a Flop or Not? Wait and see in the reveiw coming by the end of the week!



  1. I am still on level 2 and I am having lots of fun so far! What makes me think is the fact that we are getting codes here and there (pre-orders and Collector's Edition) AND that the main menu of the game has a slot that promotes DLC. I don't know if there is DLC available already, but so far, I think that 5 hours of gameplay is too little for a full priced game and I really really hope that we will get DLC missions for free in the future.

  2. Dead8Artist...

    The game is not even 5 hours long. More like 2 hours if you factor out the redundant gameplay. Here's why:

    1) The level designs are so repetitive and long, giving you illusion of great length. Same for enemy encounters. You can cut out about an hours worthed from this point. For the whole game, 2 hours can be taken off the overall.

    2) The last boss battle with Vader is extremely annoyingly long. Basically you just pound away at his life bar till it depletes with nothing but your lightsaber, or mind-tricking Starkiller clones. There are 2 layers. Each take about 20-30 minutes. So... factor out another 1 hour.

    So altogether the 3 hours that are supposedly contributing to the '5 hour length' are nothing but repeated annoynances.

    Lucasarts seem to have adopt a stall tactic into the entire game... Look at the locale designs... the enemies... and how you encounter the last boss... it's all tells you of very lazy development.

    I have to give them 1 credit though. They did make the combat a lot more bearable than the first game. That's just about the only good thing about this sequel.