Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic Con Info *Updated*

Here is the new info that was released at the live demo at Comic-Con:

1. You can customize your appearance. (This most likely means his costume, like the first game.)

2. Boba Fett has a small but pivotal role in the game. Vader hiring him to retrieve Juno drives the second half of the plot.

3. Their interested in Kinect and Move but cannot say anything more about it.

4. Lightsabers are color customizable. But unlike the first game you can choose the different colors for each saber (Purple rain anyone?)

5. Customization consists of lightsaber colors and force power tweaking.

6. Starkiller travels to Dagobah and has a 'fateful encounter'. (In response to the question whether we'll see Yoda.)

7. At least one Jedi survivor will appear in the game. (Lucasarts wont say the name.(It's most likely Yoda.))

8. There will always be open questions, but Starkiller will go on a satisfying journey. (In response to the question whether this is the last game in the series or if this game will tie into a third.)

9. When you fight the Gorog, you end up doing a free fall and cut a hole into the Gorog to kill it.


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