Saturday, July 10, 2010

TFU II Interview Pt2

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Here is an excerpt:
The Star Wars universe now has so many different threads, canons and splits, is there ever any talk within Lucas Arts of pressing the reset switch like they're doing with the Spider-Man movies?

Not really, we don't necessarily perceive it in the same way of there being all these divergent threads.

When I started at the company 13 years ago I worked on this reference project that was an encyclopaedia, and I was warned when I first took the job that I was going to have difficulty dealing with continuity conflicts and there weren't that many - there were a handful.

LucasArts licensing does a really great job of keeping everything consistent and having it make sense. If there is ever a conflict they find really creative ways to explain away that conflict, so I don't feel like its like a lot of comic book companies where they have so many timelines in so many different worlds that they need to collapse them all.

We don't have that same problem, what we do have a strong desire to do is to re-imagine Star Wars, based on the medium and that's what we did with Force Unleashed 1.

That's where the idea for the over the top force powers came from, but from a story standpoint we never use the story to explain why the powers were all over the top, that's the way the force is portrayed in our particular medium and fans love that.


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