Thursday, September 30, 2010

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Wii interview

The good folks over at E-mpire have posted an interview with the Wii Project Lead, Vince Kudirka.

Lamar Bland: What's the story for The Force Unleashed II? Does it pick up directly after where the first one ended? Feel free to spoil the first game's ending.

Vince Kudirka: The story for The Force Unleashed II does indeed pick up after the ending of The Force Unleashed. [SPOILERS INCOMING!] In the canon light-side ending of the previous game, after fighting and defeating both Vader and the Emperor, Starkiller must sacrifice himself to save his friends, and therefore the fledgling Rebel Alliance. At the start of The Force Unleashed II, presumably a clone of the deceased Starkiller is being held by Vader. He is still haunted by visions from his former life, and is desperate to reunite with Juno Eclipse. But is he truly a clone, or did he somehow survive his battle with the Emperor? What has happened to Juno, General Kota, and the fate of the Rebel Alliance? You must find the answers to these questions, and discover your true identity in The Force Unleashed II.

For the rest of the interview head over to now.


  1. - the star killer in the fu2 i believe is a clone of many that darth vader has made.-I believe this because in the first game after vader kills star killer the first time when palpatine finds out about starkiller-he escapes from the holding med area and the troops call out to stop subject 138 i believe the number is? they also say kill vaders experiment!!-i believe vader has been building him up clone after clone and make him stronger!-what do you think?

  2. I agree with that, however in the comic/book *SPOILER* they never say he is or isnt a clone. Maybe the game will actually say he is or isnt.