Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Web Doc #3: Combat Evolved Video

IGN has posted the 3rd Web documentary, here it is.

More Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - (Xbox 360) Videos

Here are some interesting screen grabs from the Video:
New Concept Art

More Concept Art

Force Repulse
Repulse In Fury Mode

Duel Sabered Enemies?
The Gorog  Wants A Snack

Teleporting Enemies, Similar to Maris Brood.
More Droids to Destroy

Mind Trick



  1. I don't get it. The dev's are saying the same thing all the time about the game, and in this video they're telling us the same thing they told us before the first game? The things they explain are things we already have in teh first game.
    "we amped up force grap so that the apprentice can grab many objects" "..and if he wants to he can strike lightning on them" and so on. I like the game, but I don't like the hype. They just bring up the same stuff in every video and it bugs me to hear the comment "We have tons of new force powers" while they actually just added force fury and mind trick.

  2. I completely understand, the problem is that the majority of people (aka casual gamers) button mash and never try to do any combos, unlike me who will be slightly dissatisfied with the new game since it is simply a updated version visual wise of the first game. Still goina be awesome!

  3. Yeah, I'll get for sure and I have high hopes for the story. But I don't think they've polished things like the combos so well. What I mean is that in the first game, when you did an attack Starkiller always had to stop to swing the saber which made the pacing slower and he got vulnerable because of standing still. Attacks that you could perform "on the run" would be alot mor effective, but I haven't seen one in the web docs. So I agree, this is more like an update than a sequel

  4. Well this is supposed to be evolutionary not revolutionary, most sequel were like that (God of war, Infamous, Overlord...etc) Im sure it will still be good, but to the hardcore fans...it will be a little less special. Im looking forward to the story & an easy 1000 gamerpoints more so than gameplay.

  5. i wonder exactly what we have to do to defeat the gorog