Friday, October 8, 2010

Questionare with Brett Rector

Thats right folks. The TFU II Blog got an exclusive questionare with Brett Rector. Although he was unable to answer the majority of questions, for various reasons, he was able to give us a few interesting bits of information.

When is the Demo Coming?

· October 12

How many more moves have been added to the game? So far it looks like the first game with an additional lightsaber and a ton of great looking visual, but the same combat moves. How different will the combat be, for instance, there is a basic button mash combo, just press attack over and over, How has this changed? Is there any alternate attacks or is it just the same deal repackaged and looking 10 times better?

· We added new attacks and combos to work with the dual sabers, which includes new animations. The combos are activated the same way that they were in TFU, which is to say by timed, calculated button presses. And like TFU, there will be lightsaber / Force power combos. There are certainly varied attacks this time around due to the dual lightsaber fighting style we’ve instituted. We’ve also incorporated new grapple moves, which will allow the player to perform additional combo moves

What are some of the bosses we will face? Besides the "Gorog", potentially Boba and Vader?

· You’ll have to wait and see!

What is the name of the Giant Spider Droid that was in the E3 trailer and how many of those will we face?

· The name of that enemy is the Titan Walker.

Morlinch? Orloc? Gorog? Some of the fans have noticed that different people have used different names for the creature Starkiller faces on Cato. Isthere more than one creature, were those simply different names for the "Gorog" or simply trashed concept ideals?

· We did, in fact, wrestle with a few names. Gorog is the name we came up with for the creature on Cato. I’ve actually never heard of the other two names.

Can you bisect enemies, or is the decapitation and chopping off arms all that we will see?

· There is decap and de-limbing.

What is your favorite part of the game so far?

· I like that we got de-limbing / decap into the game. The lightsaber is finally a lightsaber!

What is your favorite Challange Map?

· I really like our Combo Challenge because you learn how to use all of our combos. They’re awesome!

Which of you guys is the best at the Wii Multyplayer?

· It’s a toss-up between Ian Pang (one of our producers) and Chris Cook.

What role did you take in the creation of the game?

· I’m a producer on the project

Be sure to watch the latest trailer (click here) and dont forget to download the Demo October 12th on Xbox 360 & PS3. Part 2 of the epic audio novel will be added later today


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